dimarts, 24 de maig de 2011

Trip to LONDON

Sortirem de Girona a les 10:20, arribarem a Londres -Luton 11:25. El preu del billet es 29,99 EUR, però amb impostos el preu es de 58,16 EUR.

Estare a londes dues dies.

Dia 1 anere al'hotel HOTEL CARANBROOK  val 23 Euro per un dia  a deixar coses i descansa una mica alla i amb la nit anire a discoteca CLUBESBO  per divertir-me una mica.

Dia 2 anere a comprar coses  i despres anire a l'hotel agafa les meves cosetes i tornere a españa. 

dimarts, 17 de maig de 2011


Part 1
1.Informacio desk 
2.Go to the first floor
3.Go in a shop
4.We can go to passport control.
5.Go back to the duty-free shop and frind the janitor
6.We go back to passport control because we heart shotts
7. We take a remote control and go in the ventilation

Part 2
 1.Talk to the janitor and find aut i need to go to medival center, so i go right
2.I see the medical room and go straight
3.I arrive to where the vampires are.They talk about making the humans became vampires.
4.We find where mrs hackettis
5.I need a doctor disguise.
6.Go back to the shop, exchange money and buy a fishing rod and thiss i.
7.Enter room and save my sister      

dimarts, 5 d’abril de 2011


To ask directions.

Excuse me, how do I get to....... please?= si us plau,com s'arriba a....?

To give directions .

Go straight on = ves recte.
Turn right = gira a la dreta.
Turn left = gira a la squerra
Pass the street light = passa el samafor.
 Take the roundabout = agafa la rotonda.

_ Excuse me, how can I ge to the bookstore, please?
_Go straight on Pine Street and turn right on Oak street. The bookstore is apposite the movie theatre.

_Excuse me, how can get to the jwelrystore, please?
_Go straight on Second Avenue and turn right on Forest Street.Then turn left on Hill Avenue.Is nexto Italian restaurant